We Condition You to Win the War in the Courtroom
Trojan Horse is a revolutionary trial skills program that trains you to win in the courtroom. You will learn how to develop the emotional core of your case, so the jury can experience your clients’ stories. We don’t just talk about how to present your case, we show you. The exceptional trial lawyer will have three things: presentation skills, emotional congruence and a trial structure. Trojan Horse teaches trial presentation skills combined with theory that works. Presentation skills cannot be learned in a book. Only skills that can be used in the courtroom are taught. It all begins with the Method.
The Method is the only program that requires participants to stand up and present 3-4 times every session, that means 6-8 times a day, with immediate feedback. The Method pushes you hard, but you will develop the highest order of skills.
We give examples of voir dire, opening, direct examination, cross examination and closing argument. Trojan Horse has systematized the learning process. It works for new lawyers and seasoned lawyers alike.
We only accept plaintiff’s and criminal defense lawyers. Prior trial experience is helpful, but not required.


How to Win the War in the Courtroom

Trojan Horse workshops have four to six students and one instructor per class. This allows time for each student to present six to eight per day. The students are given a personal story at the beginning of each session by a witness/participant. During the storytelling process the witness discovers how to become a better storyteller and the students learn how to experience an emotionally congruent story. After the story, a staff member presents a three minute re-telling of the witness’ story demonstrating how to create the space, slide in and out of roles, eliminate narrative and connect the audience to the story. Students are then asked to do the same. Fight Club, Video Review, Speed Cross are only the beginning of what makes Trojan Horse the new standard for trial skills training.


    During fight club your performance is critiqued by your fellow students and the instructor with a level of honesty that the less seasoned, more sensitive participants find uncomfortable, hurtful and even painful. Those of us who know what it feels like to be rejected by a jury appreciate the hard truth, because we know it's the road to improvement, winning and maybe, GREATNESS.


    Every student is required to watch their own presentation on video and critique themselves. Most lawyers have never seen themselves and how they truly look to a jury. We have found that video review, although difficult for many, is a great catalyst to breaking old, bad habits and forming new ones.

  • Modeling

    We model and remodel every skill in the workshops until the student has it because it works. We are here to practice, practice, practice, so you can build new and improved skills that are ingrained within you. Instructors provide constant feedback and techniques until you get it.


    Each student assumes the role as the cross-examiner and witness of the story for 90 seconds each. Students are interrupted as necessary and proper technique is modeled as needed. They tell us that in cross examination, the attorney should be the focus and if we do it right, the witness's answers won't matter. We actually show you how to make this theory your new reality during cross.

Our Team

Meet Our Instructors
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Daniel D. Ambrose

Co-Founder & Instructor
Daniel D. Ambrose started out in Detroit, Michigan as a criminal defense lawyer, and is known for his exceptional skills advocating for his clients. Through 20 years of practice and studying, he has found and developed THE METHOD to help trial lawyers efficiently master their skills.
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Alejandro D. Blanco

Co-Founder & Instructor
Alejandro D. Blanco is intimately familiar with cutting edge trial strategy and practice. Specializing in brain injuries, he travels the country learning and teaching attorneys. Best known for his ability to frame cases and trial teams to reach impossible goals.
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Stephen A. King

Stephen A. King has completed 100 jury trials to date, spent over a decade of his legal career representing the poor, the injured and the forgotten. He has also been recognized as a rising star by several professional organizations and has given legal commentary on national and local television programs including major networks such as NBC.
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Charles Bennett

Charles “Chuck” Bennett is a personal injury trial lawyer based in Dallas, Texas. He has tried cases to verdict for civil plaintiffs, criminal defendants, and criminal prosecution. Chuck is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40. Besides instructing for the Trojan Horse Method, he also frames cases and prepares witnesses on a wide variety of cases around the country.
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Tiffany T. Chung

Tiffany (Thanh) Chung is a skilled attorney with substantial experience litigating catastrophic personal injury cases in state and federal courts. Tiffany has been involved in many personal injury cases that have resulted in settlements and verdicts in excess of $100 million.
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Aida Spahic

Aida Spahic specializes in criminal defense. As a war refugee who has experienced genocide and ethnic-cleansing growing up, she possesses the unique ability to empathize and personally connect with individuals who are struggling against injustice.
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Kyle Sherman

Kyle Sherman has been concentrating on personal injury litigation in Louisiana for more than 15 years, worked for famed criminal defense attorney Roy Black, handles claims with recoveries ranging from thousands of dollars to multi-million dollars.
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Nate Bjerke

Combining his technical expertise, never-quit work ethic and compassion for the underdog, Nate Bjerke has tried and won catastrophic product liability and personal injury cases across the United States. If you ask Nate what he does for a living, he will tell you, “I fight bullies.”


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