Foundational Workshops

Trojan Horse foundational workshops give people hands-on experience with the Trojan Horse Method.  The four-day Foundational Workshop is a prerequisite for the more advanced course, Trojan Horse Mastery. You will learn how to transport the jury, so they don’t just hear the story, they witness it.

Trojan Horse allows only plaintiff’s and criminal defense lawyers. All registrants are required to affirm that they do not represent corporations, insurance companies, or the government.

Foundational Workshop

In addition to learning advanced presentation skills, students learn the structure of “betrayal.” We hear so much about it, yet nobody really understands it. The plug and play structure found in most trial manuals are popular because of their simplicity. The problem is that these simple structures are easy for the Defense to identify and diffuse. Alejandro Blanco’s betrayal structure has gotten his name on three 8 figure verdicts and multiple 7 figure ones. We will demonstrate how to frame various kinds of cases, as well as how to put together the opening statement, closing argument and voir dire. This is taught at every Plaintiff’s Foundational Workshop. This program is for both the plaintiff and criminal defense lawyer. The Criminal Defense program focuses only on criminal defense specific material.


Trojan Horse is committed to really  helping you.  We start by showing you how to analyze the police report to start building your defense. How to use a preliminary hearing to set up the case for trial.  You will not only learn advanced presentation skills, we will show you how to frame a criminal trial. Trojan Horse will also teach you voir dire that is specific to criminal defense.  During the conference, we will demonstrate criminal voir dire, cross-examination of a police officer, opening statements and closing arguments. All participants are given transcripts, exhibits, and the police report from an actual felony trial, which is used as the vehicle for learning.


If you would like to speak to past students or have a question, just call Dan Ambrose at (248) 808-3130 or email him at


Trojan Horse Mastery is designed to build on the basics that students worked on in the foundational workshop. While the prerequisites are listed below, it is imperative that you grasp the fundamentals and have worked to build your THM skills. Like we stressed during the foundational workshop, you must continue to practice these skills if you are going to be armed in the courtroom. If you haven’t been practicing, you may want to consider attending another foundational course prior to coming to Mastery.

At THM Mastery, Alejandro Blanco and Dan Ambrose will focus on teaching you witness interviewing, witness prep, direct examination, voir dire, and advanced case framing. You will build on your previous skills and get more practice with Dan and Alejandro.


Students who register for THM Mastery must complete all of the following prior to the start date of the seminar.

  1. At least one THM foundational course
  2. Study Trial Professors
  3. Provide at least four witness interviews for review with Dan Ambrose;
  4. Memorized all of the intro voir dires, and 5 others

Refund Policy

Refund Policy: If you cancel more than 21 days before the program, we will give you a full refund less 6% handling fee. Canceling 21 days to 7 days before you will receive a credit in the amount paid for a future program. Canceling less than 7 days before the start of a program there may or may not be a credit, depending on the reason. Giving a credit is the discretion of THM.